Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The three little puppys

GOAL:I am learning to publish my work in lots of ways
What I enjoyed writing this was using my goal
What was hard was trying to use capital letters
next step is to use full stop all of the time.

Once there lived three little puppies called Nikau,Tulsi and Abbie who lived with their Mum.
One day there Mum howled “you puppys are too old to live here you need to make your own house but be careful of the big bad Hork”.

So Nikau,Tulsi and Abbie went off and Abbie saw a farm of straw she shouted “I will make my house here out of straw”.   Nikau and Tulsi said do you think It will be strong” “yes” cried Abbie. Then Nikau built his house out of sticks.
Tulsi came to a pile of bricks and said  “I will build my house here out of bricks”

Then the big bad Hork came to Abbie's house and screamed “ let me in let me in” not by the hair of my curly little tail” cried  
Abbie “then I'll Huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down”Explained the Hork. So he huffed and puffed and plew his house down so she ran to Nikau house  and cried “The big bad bad hork “ “oh” called Nikau.
Then the  big bad hork came to Nikau house and said “let me in let me in” shouted the hork “not by the hair of are curly little tails” they cried “then i'll huff and I'll puff  and I'll blow your house down” so he did and crash Nikau’s house fell down down down so they ran to Tulsi’s  house and cried “the big bad Hork” “oh no” Tulsi roared then the big bad hork came to Tulsi’s house and screamed “ let me in let me in”  not by the hair of are curly little tails “then i'll huff and i’ll puff and i’ll blow your house down” so he tried and tried but the house stayed up “ what” called the Hork. He then climbed up to the roof and the puppys said “oh no what do we do” “we will put a pot of hot water under the fire”  explained Tulsi then the Hork went down the chimney and fell in the pot of hot water and yelled  “ow ow” so he ran far far away.

Then they lived happily ever after and the big bad Hork never came back.

Friday, 18 November 2016

The god of earthquakes

What I enjoyed about writing this writing was using my goal . What I found challenging was trying to read the ideas off my plan.
Next time I will try to use my goal all the time.

WALT write speech marks.
Long ago underground Maui's Dad sleeped.  At night he moves around which causes  earthquakes.  Maui's dad wakes up because  he  hears noises. People don't care because he only makes aftershocks after a big earthquake. He makes a big one now and then that makes the earth shake “bang, bang, bang”!!    People get scared they get under something it is a  7.5 earthquake “it’s still going” cried Maui and his brothers.  Maui and his brothers said “please  father stop the earthquakes please”
Maui's dad didn't hear. “Please father stop” then he heard  him. He stopped and that's how earthquakes happen. From then on Maui's dad   tried not to move at night and day then they lived happily ever after .  Except for when his Dad gets an itch and has to move suddenly!

Friday, 11 November 2016

Maui and the Sun Animation

WALT animate a part of a story that we have written.
I enjoyed making this was remembering the Maui and the sun story What I found challenging was trying to make the people and sun move.