Thursday, 22 September 2016

Tulsi camp recount

WALT :recount our camp experiences
I enjoyed writing this because I liked when I write about the Franz Josef walk because it was fun. what I found challenging was that it was fun to try to remember some ideas. To be BTB I could add different Sentence starters
GOAL  To use Capital letters for people and places correctly. On Thursday room 5 had the Fox Glacier camp. First I got to school at 7.30 and went to the meeting. Next we went to  Ross for a 15-minute break. Then we went to Okarito and did the walk there we looked at the view at the top of the walk it was a really beautiful view. Next we went to Franz Josef  and went to the information center then we  did the 3-hour walk it was fun because we got to drink the water but it was tiring.  After that we went to Fox Glacier then had dinner at the place we were staying at we had home made burgers they were beautiful. Then we had a disco it was fun after that we had to go to bed. Finally we had breakfast and got ready to go to the Kiwi Center.  Then we went to the Kiwi Center at 11.45 it was fun because we got to see a Rowi kiwi. After that we went to the hot pools it was so nice and relaxing I loved it.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Glacier camp

                        WALT  share our camp experiences
             I enjoyed when I thought about the time when the boy with black her came up to me and        called "good job"  
It was challenging when people were distracting me a lot.
To make my work BTB I need to add capital I in my writing.